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HD1080P Home Security IP Camera

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Memory cards and cameras need to be purchased separately, memory cards do not include cameras, please note the information on the product you are purchasing when placing your order!!!

Basic Settings and Indicator Status:

A new camcorder or camcorder is installed in a new location, please reset the camcorder to factory settings. (After the camcorder is started, press and hold the camcorder reset button for more than 5 seconds), after the camcorder restarts turn on the AP mode, the WIFI indicator flashes slowly (Flashes once 0. 5 seconds). Then open the phone settings, connect the phone to the camcorder AP hot spot (the WIFI network with the camcorder UID), and wait for the phone to switch to the camcorder WIFI network before opening the App.

Indicator Status:

  1. In AP mode after booting, the blue indicator is always on and the red indicator is the USB power indicator, and it goes out after fully charged.
  2. When configuring Wifi routing,thered indicator is normally on, while the blue one flickers rapidly. Aftera successful configuration, the blueindicator is normally on. (Please confirmwhether the Wifi password iscorrectif the blue indicator keeps flickering rapidly)
  3. The green indicator isa charging indicator, and it will automatically go outafter the camcorder is fully charged.

Note: Pleaseinspect the following items if the App keeps prompting failures;

  1. Before configuring the Wifi network, the camcorder indicator does not flicker slowly or it is not started;
  2. The phone fails toconnect to the camcorder AP, and itisrequired toconnect the phone to theAP hotspotof the camcorder;
  3. An ordinaryrouteriscompatible,but the publicrouterfailsto be compatible because i ti srequiredtologon for authentication;
  4. Avoid any mistake of network name, password, and UID;
  5. Chinese Wifi names, passwords and special symbols are not compatible currently:

F.5G Wifi signals are not compatible;


  1. Q: Why does the APP fail todetect the camcorder/match a network?A: Pleaseensurethedevicei scorrectly connected and inspect whether the APP operation is restricted.
  2. 2.Q: Why does thecamcorder keep asking me toinputusername and password?Or why doesit prompt incorrect user name?A: The default password isadmin. Ifyou forget youruser name andpassword, please resetit to factorysettings togetthedefault user name and password.
  3. Q: How can I reset thecamcordertofactory settings?A: Pressthereset button for about5 secondsuntil the camcorder isrestarted.
  4. Q: Why istheimage vague?A: Remove the protective film for thelens. Ifit's still vague, you can rotate thelens and focusto get clear images.

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