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Disney Adventure: The Newest Addition to the Disney Cruise Line Fleet

Posted by Tim Van Den Akker on

Disney Adventure: Everything You Need to Know About the Newest Disney Cruise Ship

Disney fans and cruise enthusiasts, get ready to set sail on a new adventure! The Disney Cruise Line fleet is expanding with a spectacular new ship, the Disney Adventure. Here’s everything we know about this exciting new addition.

A New Chapter in Disney Cruising

The Disney Adventure marks a significant milestone for Disney Cruise Line. Unlike the other ships in the fleet, the Adventure isn’t a brand-new creation from Disney’s shipyards. Instead, it’s an acquired vessel, previously known as the Global Dream. Disney purchased this partially completed ship from Genting Hong Kong in November 2022, and it’s currently being transformed into a magical Disney vessel.

Ship Details and Specifications

The Disney Adventure is set to be a marvel in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Here are some key details:

  • Gross Tonnage: Approximately 208,000
  • Passenger Capacity: Expected to be around 6,000 guests
  • Size: The largest ship in the Disney fleet, surpassing the Triton-class ships like the Disney Wish and Disney Treasure, which each have a gross tonnage of 144,000 and a capacity of 5,000 guests.

Homeport and Itineraries

The Disney Adventure will call Singapore its homeport for at least five years starting in 2025. This collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board ensures that the ship will be a staple in Southeast Asia. While exact itineraries haven’t been released, potential ports of call include destinations in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and possibly even Australia, New Zealand, and India on longer journeys.

Theming and Design

In true Disney fashion, the Adventure will be themed around the spirit of adventure. The bow of the ship features Captain Mickey, setting the tone for the ship’s overall design. While details are scarce, we can expect the interior to be filled with beloved Disney characters and stories that celebrate adventure. From the staterooms to the dining areas, every inch of the ship will likely be infused with Disney magic.

Construction and Launch Timeline

Currently, the Disney Adventure is still under construction, completing its transformation from the Global Dream. While there is no set launch date, the ship is anticipated to join the Disney fleet either as the seventh or eighth ship, depending on the progress of other planned vessels.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

As construction progresses and Disney Cruise Line releases more information, we’ll keep you updated on all the latest news about the Disney Adventure. Whether you’re a Disney fan or a cruise enthusiast, the Disney Adventure promises to offer a magical and memorable experience at sea.

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